Reviews Restaurant

Delicious meal

Delicious meal wonderfully prepared we especially loved the little sides and attention to detail. Nobody wants food that is just shoved in a container with no thought this chef is an artist our new go-to place (heart)

Amazing food

Amazing food we actually surprised it was more delicious than our expectation thank you very much will back again

very flavourful

Delivered to my doorstep right on time, and the food was piping hot! My mum really enjoyed the main curries we ordered and my brothers loved the biriyanis. I thought the naans were very flavourful and I’ll be ordering from here more often!

happily recommend

Well that was interesting I brought a lamb curry from here for my wife she was late so I decided to try it not having eaten this sort of food before I am converted it was so good so satisfying I ended up ordering so much more for myself and children they enjoyed it also it added culture to our evening meal I will happily recommend this as a great place to order from
Mr Bob

absolutely delicious

Excellent meal from one of my favourite Indian takeaway, regularly ordering here never been disappointed, it was cooked to perfection absolutely delicious, quality ingredients and generous portions, thanks Afraz highly recommended.

so polite

Well, I must say that was another fine meal. I have eaten here often the manager is so polite. I tried to ask him how he makes the food so tasty but I suppose closely guarded family secrets. The food is always so fresh and the meat so succulent. I am well-travelled and I know the difference between good food and mediocre offerings. I strongly suggest you order from here.
Mr Gardener